Fix marketing overload with lumpy marketing 

How do you marketing to people suffering from information overload?

How do you marketing to people suffering from information overload?

The saturation of marketing messages grows every day making it even harder to connect with potential buyers. A radical approach is needed to stand out - welcome to the world of Lumpy Marketing.

If you stop to think about it, we've all become highly effective content editors. We take nano-seconds to delete emails based on subject lines. We scroll through social media feeds as fast as our fingers allow, and we decide what content to read based on our skills at detecting sales messages.

This phenomenon has made it very difficult for businesses to noticed.  Byron Sharp explains in the book “How Brands Grow” that differentiation is no longer enough, it is “Distinctiveness” that will help brands grow.  The book argues that marketers overcomplicate their discipline as market growth is based on two factors – the physical availability of the product/service and the mental availability of the potential buyer – e.g. are you in their field of vision or just another bland provider?  If you offer an abundance of both (physical and mental availability), Sharp says conditions for growth are in place.

So how can we ensure mental availability when our buyers are swamped with direct marketing messages? The solution is old school, low-tech and incredibly effective: Lumpy Marketing.

Lumpy Marketing involves sending bulky, unusual and memorable items through the post. A great example of the power of Lumpy Marketing is our hula hoop campaign which we aimed at a select few decision makers. Clearly, this item causes a stir on arrival, with receptionists, staff and visitors all curious as to what lies beneath the packaging. The recipient immediately feels important because they hold the key to the mystery, and once the connection is made between the marketing and the brand, it makes follow up calls and sales efforts much easier, and our conversation rates have been impressive.

It is important that the recipient has a clear memory link between the marketing and your brand as otherwise, it becomes abstract. We are fans of the puns – “Stop going in circles with your marketing” in the hula hoop example as it makes a clear connection between the object and the messaging in a fun way. 

Lumpy Marketing is expensive, laborious and low volume. Yet the ability to connect with clients is unprecedented in our saturated media market. Marketing overload is all too real, but Lumpy Marketing is ready to pick up the strain.