Customer satisfaction surveys for RCP

Customer satisfaction surveys had a powerful effect on the Royal College of Physicians   

Customer satisfaction surveys had a powerful effect on the Royal College of Physicians   

What is Royal College of Physicians?
Royal College of Physicians is the governing body of physicians and represents over 35000 doctors across the globe. It was established by Royal Charter during the reign of Henry VIII. RCP provides physicians with accreditation by examination and provides a vast amount of educational opportunities to meet the members’ CPD requirements.

What were the challenges?
RCP engaged a specialist consultancy, Create4, to develop a corporate partnerships programme. This was a broad commercial programme with far reaching potential but its initial focus was RCP’s 500-year anniversary in 2018 and the landmark conference Innovation in Medicine 2018

Create4 carried out an initial focus group to get feedback on a number of topics. It was quickly established that email, which was the principal channel being used for RCP membership comms, was not the members preferred comms channel and there was insufficient internal resource to engage the membership by telephone.

The solution
We were brought in to engage with the broader membership, ostensibly to promote the 2017 Conference being hosted in Manchester, but more importantly to gather insight and feedback on how the membership felt about the conferences that were provided for them and to understand what the membership wanted from a conference.

We worked with Create4 to develop an approach and a series of survey questions with which to engage the membership and we developed a bespoke application in our Quick Base system so that the answers could be collated, and the results could be easily aggregated and analysed. We configured the app so that anecdotal feedback could be anonymised. 

We segmented the data provided for us to maximise the impact of the calls and we tagged it so that we could see trends against different membership categories eg members, fellows, students and retired members.

The results
After segmentation, we started with a working list of 1500 members and were able to speak with 723 of them. 30% of those we spoke with were unaware of the date and location of the 2017 conference and requested literature and a further 30% asked for a booking form. They also shared feedback on their conference preferences. 

We found 154 who were negative about the conference and were able to conduct detailed interviews with them to establish the factors influencing their attitude.

All the feedback, good and bad, was presented back to RCP in a detailed report containing anecdotal results, metric results and actionable insights.

Conference bookings increased as a result of the additional awareness we created and we were delighted to be contracted to provide delegate acquisition services to RCP for the 2018 conference.