Driving customer engagement at Cyclescheme

Helping cyclescheme stay ahead of the competition

Helping cyclescheme stay ahead of the competition

Who is Cyclescheme?
Cyclescheme are the market leaders in providing the salary sacrifice Cycle to Work Scheme set up under the Government’s Green Transport initiative nearly 20 years ago. When employers sign up to the scheme, their employees are able to purchase a cycle out of their pre-tax earnings saving between 25 and 39% of the cost of the bike. The employer pays for the bike up front and is repaid by the employee in monthly instalments but saves money on Employers National Insurance so everyone wins. 

What were the challenges?
Cyclescheme have led the market since the inception of the Green Transport Initiative, but there were challenger brands snapping at their heels and they wanted to ensure they retained their market share.  In particular, they wanted to address the attrition rates between the stages of signing up new employers to Cyclescheme:

  1. The employer going onto the website and requesting a brochure
  2. The employer signing up to participate in Cyclescheme
  3. The employer promoting Cyclescheme to their staff, resulting in staff signing up and buying bikes.

The solution
We commenced a pilot project, to engage employers in the various stages of that cycle with customer support calls.  The premise of each call was to establish if the company had everything they needed and to offer further support. In the process of so doing, we were to collect anecdotal information about the customer experience and user journey. To make that possible, prior to commencement, we were fully trained on Cyclescheme, essentially undergoing induction as if we were Cyclescheme customer support agents. 

Over the first three months, we spoke with hundreds of employers who had requested brochures and hundreds more who had registered for the scheme but not transacted.

In order to capture, analyse and report on our findings, we developed a bespoke relationship management application in Quick Base.

The results
We were able to provide our client with insights on their customer experience and user journey, suggest some quick wins and highlight some other areas which warranted attention. We made recommendations for an onboarding process for newly registered employers and we are proud to say that that process is still in use two years later. Having fine-tuned the process, we worked with Cyclescheme to train their internal team to work that process and gave them access to our bespoke Quick Base CRM application so that we could handover fully to them.

The ratio of registered employers to transacting employers increased by 30% as a result of implementation of our recommendations. 

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