Hummingbird Sensing Technology

Learn how we generated leads for Hummingbird Sensing Technology

Learn how we generated leads for Hummingbird Sensing Technology

Who are Hummingbird?
Hummingbird Sensing Technology provides gas sensing technologies for industrial and medical instrumentation and take them to market via a network of OEM partners.

What were the challenges?
Because Hummingbird offers a range of sensing technologies, its sensors are suitable for use in a vast range of applications, to measure a variety of gases. This means that their overall target market is broad and so, in order to reach into new markets, Hummingbird elected to use direct marketing rather than broader advertising. They wanted to identify 1,000 new OEM organisations who install sensors in their equipment and to identify the decision maker in each company.

The solution
Our international team researched global markets to identify the 1,000 companies that Hummingbird wanted to engage. Because of the range of applications in which Hummingbird’s sensors can be used, it was vital that each company was tagged as to which applications, which gases and which markets that company was involved with, so that we could ensure that these companies were only ever targeted with marketing materials that were directly relevant to them. 

We developed a bespoke database application so that each company could be tagged and so that Hummingbird could ‘slice and dice’ the data as they wished for each subsequent campaign. 

Once we had identified the companies, our international team called each one, in the relevant native language, to establish the decision maker and to ask for a telephone number and email address.

We then worked with Hummingbird to deploy and follow up a series of highly targeted email campaigns into these markets. We engaged all of those who opened and clicked the emails with customer service style calls to offer support and, where appropriate, organise a follow up call or meeting with one of the Hummingbird Regional Sales Manager

The results
At the end of 2017, the number of sales opportunities generated was up by 34%.