Servomex - converting marketing leads to sales opportunities

A look at how we helped convert leads to sales for Servomex

A look at how we helped convert leads to sales for Servomex

Who is Servomex?
Servomex is a world leader in gas analysis. Their technology is used in many areas of industry, particularly hydrocarbon processing, power generation, and the production of industrial gases and semi-conductors. Its global team also provide technical service support and education to clients worldwide. TCB has partnered with Servomex since 2012 working with them as an extension of their sales team to provide a range of services including data mining, lead generation, appointment setting, mystery shopping, and customer satisfaction surveys. 

At the outset the TCB team worked mostly on product/service specific campaigns and so, over time, became familiar with the Servomex product range.  We work in teams set up to mirror the regional split of the Servomex organisation, covering EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas, and we speak to their customers in 20 languages. 

What were the challenges?
The Servomex website encourages those with a defined need for a quotation or a technical call to request help using online forms. However, Servomex also use a data capture system to gather contact information from those who simply download literature.  There is a large volume of ‘download leads’ generated but these are pretty much unqualified and the Regional Sales Managers and Inside Sales Teams are focussed on quotation requests and hot leads and have no capacity to sift through these ‘download leads’ to identify those that warrant further attention, need additional support and can be nurtured to increase sales and build the future pipeline.

The solution
The download leads are now assigned to TCB for qualification. We can see what material has been downloaded and use that to inform our call to the lead. So those who have downloaded manuals may have service issues, those who have downloaded a spares catalogue may be having a problem with existing We engage them with a customer-service style call to establish whether there is any further support needed and to understand more about any requirements. As part of the call we very gently begin to BANT qualify the lead, getting an understanding about the nature of the need, the likely timescale for any potential purchase and whether budget is in place yet. 

Those that are not yet ready to buy, remain assigned to us with call backs scheduled as appropriate, and any further downloads are appended to our record so that we can follow up and continue the conversation.  

The results
In the first 9 months of the project, we delivered 474 leads to the sales teams enabling them to keep their focus on the most realistic opportunities to sell. We also identified a number of potential process improvements, to help our client achieve greater efficiency in the sales process.