The Big Cross Sell for Grass Roots

Cross-selling and upselling for Grass Roots Group

Cross-selling and upselling for Grass Roots Group

Who is Grass Roots?
Grass Roots Group provides employee and customer engagement services. The product division focussed on a suite of employee engagement products which included Cyclescheme, following Grass Roots’ acquisition of this market-leading Cycle-to-Work scheme.  

What were the challenges?
The Grass Roots management team identified an opportunity to cross sell their products to existing customers. But each of Grass Roots’ suite of employee engagement products were managed by a separate team and customer data for each product was held in an independent database so there was no single customer view. The team were working in silos and although the account managers responsible for the big customers were liaising to do some cross selling, the small and mid-sized accounts were completely siloed. 

The solution
On successful completion of a pilot project for Cyclescheme, we were asked to propose an approach to cross selling and upselling between the product silos. We elected to take an iterative approach starting with some test calls to batches of data from each customer group to see which approach gained the most traction.

When we started to collate the test data, it became apparent that we would need to create a simple, single customer view database to work from.  We designed a suitable application in our Quick Base relationship management system and imported and deduplicated the data, tagging it carefully, to show existing areas of cross over where one company had independently signed up to two Grass Roots schemes. 

As soon as we started the calls, it became apparent that we needed to treat this as a customer engagement exercise. Whereas larger customers were receiving personal attention from the account managers, system generated email was the main means of communication with the small and mid-range customers and engagement levels were not as high as anticipated. As soon as we repositioned our calls as being from customer support, calling to see if there was anything they needed in relation to their existing schemes, the dynamic of the calls changed immediately. These calls revealed a technical issue with the info@ email address which had resulted in slowed responses to some customers and also highlighted some issues with the Call Centre, who are tasked with dealing with customer queries for the small and mid-range customers. In the main, we were not uncovering major problems, simply small niggles that were annoying the customers’ staff benefits admin team and undermining the customer relationship.  

We were rapidly upskilled so as to be able to deal with basic problems and issues, and we referred any complex issues to the relevant client service specialists. Once the customer’s queries/problems were resolved, we were then able to discuss the other schemes which Grass Roots offer and move the dialogue towards cross selling. 

After the first batch of test calls, it was clear that the most robust and complete data was from the Cyclescheme database that this gave the best results and so we moved ahead with calls to existing Cyclescheme customers, talking to them about the other products, specifically the newly launched Techscheme. 

The results
In this initial tranche of work, we generated and fulfilled over 500 literature requests and scheduled meetings for the account managers to cross sell. The largest single piece of business won from this project generated revenue in excess of £250,000.  As well as campaign metrics and anecdotal feedback, we were able to offer insights which informed improvements to the customer journey, to the website and to the suite of marketing materials made available to customers for promotion of the schemes to their staff. 

The success of this initial tranche of work lead on to a series of 14 other projects targeting all of the product silos.