Our story


The Call Business has its roots in igniting conversations; generating those crucial initial dialogues with our clients’ future customers and nurturing them into opportunities. In the early days we provided appointment setting and lead generation but, as the business grew, our offer extended to meet a whole range of additional needs. Where the purchasing cycle was protracted, we provided a range of ‘keeping in touch’ services, calling, sharing thought leadership content and arranging informal events.  This led to further delegate acquisition services for conferences, round tables and focus groups. 

We also began providing mystery shopping services – on the phone, online and in writing, to see how our clients’ staff and distributors handled inbound customer enquiries. We interviewed our client’s customers to understand how they felt about the service they received and identify areas of concern and this informed changes and improvements to our clients’ customer experience. 

So now we've combined all of that experience to provide an efficient, managed service in multiple languages to support growth globally.  Avoiding all the hassle and risk of employing full-time staff, our clients can dial the level of support we provide up or down to suit their business needs. 

And so now, six years on, we provide a 360° service for business growth throughout the customer life-cycle, as you can see from our infographic.